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Christian Appalachian Project

Volunteers from our Parish work with the Christian Appalachian Project, traveling as missionaries to Eastern Kentucky for one week each year. They assist where the need is greatest, including home repairs, painting, building handicap accessibility ramps, replacing doors and windows, and other adjustments to homes that will ensure a safe and comfortable environment for residents of the area.

During the summer, the Religious Education Office sponsors a week-long "Bible Camp" for children ages 10 and under.  Announcements are made a few weeks before Bible School begins, so watch for details and information! 

Parish Picnic 

Celebrating the Feast of St. Matthew

A Saturday evening concert, outdoor Mass, a potluck cookout and lots of fun and games in celebration of our annual Parish Feast.

Chili Cook-Off and
Scarecrow Jamboree

Each October the Parish Family welcomes the Fall Season with a Chili Cook-Off and Scarecrow Jamboree. PSR classes, Parish groups and families collaborate to vote for their favorite chili and make a representative scarecrow. The festive scene remains in the yard behind the church until the Feast of All Saints.