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Parish Leadership


Parish Mission Council

A parish leadership group meets monthly to assist the pastor in overseeing the development and growth of the parish, focusing on collaboration, stewardship, and formation to fulfill the mission of the parish.  This group develops long-term pastoral plan for the parish and oversees the implementation of the plan.  Members are appointed by the pastor; candidates are welcome!  

Current members: Mike Madonio, Charlotte Bedlion, Jim Anderson, Brian Hatfield, Terry Albanese, Barb Jentus, Bridget Jankowski, Mark Sokol


Parish Finance Council

This group collaborates with the pastor in the administration of parish financial resources.  Members regularly review the finances of the parish, make recommendations that promote good stewardship of parish resources, and discuss the savings and investment plan of the parish.  The Council meets each month and as needed for budgeting and planning.

Current members:  Lisa Hannahs, Bill McGurk, Lisa Sommers, Dan Steurer, Steve Testa,

Brian Hatfield

Parish Facilities Committee

This group serves the parish by assessing the condition and use of our parish facilities.   The Parish Facilities Committee makes recommendations for priorities, repairs and renovations to benefit all aspects of parish life.  

Current members:  Jay Graham, Jim Polack, Bill McGurk, Mark Sokol, Mike Madonio

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