Parish Mission Council

A parish leadership group meets monthly to assist the pastor in overseeing the development and growth of the parish, focusing on collaboration, stewardship, and formation to fulfill the mission of the  parish.  This group develops   long-term pastoral plans for the parish and oversees the implementation of the plan.  Members are appointed by the pastor.

Parish Life Commission

This group serves the parish by organizing community events over the course of the year, including an annual Parish Picnic, the Town Hall/Pot Luck Dinner, the Annual Appreciation Dinner, and other gatherings that serve to strengthen the bonds of friendship in our parish.

Finance Council

This group collaborates with the pastor in the administration of the parish financial resources.  Members regularly review the finances of the parish, make recommendations that promote good stewardship of parish resources, and discuss the savings and investment plan of the parish.  The Council meets each month and as needed for budgeting and planning.


Our parish has an active group that offers assistance to those in need of clothing, food, or other emergency help.  Funds to support the work of this group are collected in donation boxes in the church and through the collection.  Members provide household supplies, food assistance, or financial assistance when warranted on behalf of Saint Matthew parishioners.  The group meets on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month.  Members usually serve once a month as "first responders" to those in need of assistance.

Prayer Shawl Ministry

Shawl makers gather on the second Wednesday of each month.  Intentions for those in need of prayer are kept in mind during the knitting or crocheting of the shawl.  Upon completion, a final blessing is offered before the shawl is sent on its way to those in need of prayer, comfort, and hope.  Instruction is provided.

Funeral Luncheon

Providing comfort and support to grieving families by providing a meal following the funeral liturgy is the purpose of this ministry. This ministry has a variety of opportunities to become  involved:

  • Funeral Meal Team Leader

The team leader is responsible for coordinating details for the luncheon with the parish office and for collaborating with members of the team to facilitate the luncheon.​

  • Funeral Team Member

Team members are responsible for the set-up and serving of the luncheon, as well as the clean-up after the meal.​

  • Funeral Meal Donors

      Meal donors are asked to provide a hot or cold dish or dessert for the luncheon.​

Rosary Makers

A dedicated group of men and women gather once a month to make bead rosaries for distribution to anyone who is in need of one. These rosaries are also sent to mission countries.  This is a practical work of evangelization, promoting an important Catholic prayer to Our Blessed Mother, assisting those in need of prayer, and reaching out to other people to share the Word of God through the ministry of prayer.

Men's Prayer Group


This group is open to all men of the parish 25 years of age or older and provides the opportunity to meet on a regular basis to share fellowship, help each other in their faith formation, and become more committed men of God.