Update: Staying at Home, Keeping in Touch

Good morning, family and friends of Saint Matthew! I hope all are saying well, keeping their distance, but still finding ways to say close. Let’s keep praying for one another and checking in on folks, especially the homebound and elderly. Thanks to all who have volunteered their time to shop, deliver, and run errands for those who cannot. By the way, if you are doing such a task, that makes you are “caregiver”, temporarily exempt from the “Stay At Home” order!

Speaking of such things, because of the governor’s order, the Parish Office will be officially closed until further notice beginning tomorrow. Not that we have had a line of visitors, but some folks have stopped by to drop off their church envelopes, schedule Mass intentions, or some other church errand. (You can still drop off anything at the office if you happen to be out to the store or something, but please put it through the mail slot or put it in the mailbox outside the door. And although the Office is closed, we will be answering phone calls from 8:00 until noon. Or you may leave a message if you call outside of tehta timeframe. I will respond as quickly as possible!

Finally, pending some other directive from the Governor or from the Diocese, the church will remain open from 8:00 AM until 5:00 PM every day. A small section of the church has been roped off, and will be cleaned very day. (As a “religious entity”, the parish is exempt to some degree from the Stay At Home order. But no congregating is permitted, of course!) This may change, by the way, pending a directive from the Diocese. Stay tuned!

Finally, I will be live streaming a Mass on Wednesday at 9:00 AM. Wednesday is the Feast of the Annunciation, and it will be an opportunity to test the system to have a better experience for everyone on Sunday! Tune in if you like!

I read in the Beacon today about how different churches are dealing with the virus and the shutdown, including that incredibly irresponsible guy who refused to close his church! But that “Drive in Mass” thing looked interesting. Think of how dangerous the communion procession would be, though!

So, that’s it for now! Stay well, and let’s stick together as we stay apart! Fr. Mike

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