I've got your Saturday Night Plans right here!

This Saturday, March 23rd is The Roar!

If you've never been, this is a fun filled evening of a delicious dinner & drinks, laughter, excitement, music and prizes.

Doors open at 6pm and check out begins around 10pm. Venue is at the prestigious St. George Fellowship Centre in Fairlawn.

The committee has gone above and beyond with the Kentucky Derby theme this year. Be ready to see some beautiful derby hats & bow ties, delicious desserts up for grabs, extravagant baskets you could bid on, adorable student projects you could take home, fun raffles you could win and a thrilling finish to our school horse race!

Tickets are $110 a couple and can be purchased online or through school office, 330-784-1711.

Check out our online catalog to see everything we have to offer.

Questions: theroar@smpsdomain.net

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