Day by Day Through Lent: Day Thirty-seven

"Mary anointed the feet of jesus with costly aromatic oil, and dried them with her hair"

After being greeted by the adoring crowds as he entered Jerusalem, Jesus quickly went to the nearby village of Bethany, where his friends Mary, Martha, and Lazarus lived. The Gospel reading assigned for today tells of how Mary ministered to Jesus by rubbing his feet with oil. The Gospel story notes that many people came to Bethany while Jesus was there, as much to see Lazarus, who had been raised from the dead, as to see Jesus. As one author notes, "You can always trust the crowd to look at the wrong end of a miracle!"

We are getting close to the end of Lent, which will end on Thursday at sunset. Let’s not just focus on the end of our penance, though; let’s focus on the days that follow: The Holy Three Days when we will remember (and participate in) the suffering, death, and resurrection of Jesus. We have almost completed the "spring cleaning" of our minds, bodies, and spirits during this Lent, and as we look forward to the days when we can open the widows of our houses to let the fresh spring air come in, here is a simple house blessing prayer for you (and your family) to say together:

Bless this house and those within.

Bless our giving and receiving.

Bless our words and conversation.

Bless our hands and recreation.

Bless our sowing and our growing.

Bless our coming and our going.

Bless all who enter and depart.

Bless this house, your peace impart.


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