Day by Day Through Lent: Day Twenty-four

"I was blind; now I can see!"

For the Chosen People of Israel, the experience of the Exile in Babylon was traumatic to say the least. Their country had been taken over by a hostile pagan nation and all of the best-educated and most talented members of society, as well as young men (and their families) and all of the skilled workers, were taken away as captives. They were marched across the desert and lived as a captive people for three generations. They had lost everything: their land, their nation, their homes, and their property. Even the Temple of the Lord and the king’s palace were destroyed!

Click anytwhere on the words below for a link to a musical rendition of the song “On the Willows”, which captures the lament of the exiled people of Israel. The song tells of how the Israelite musicians hid their instruments in the trees so that they would not have to sing the songs that reminded them of God's love and care for them. The experience of the exiled people of Israel is a good reflection for us during this Lent as we strive to find our way back to the Lord. You may want to right-click on the link to open it in another tab, then go back to this tab to follow the lyrics while the song plays in the background. (The video is boring, anyway!)

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