Day by Day Through Lent

The first full week of Lent finds us in the desert with Jesus. Being "tempted by Satan" as Mark's Gospel relates, meant being tempted to selfishness and self-centeredness. The Evil One used Jesus' physical hunger and thirst as a means of trying to get Jesus to think about his own needs rather than the needs of others. Jesus was tempted - but did not give in - to Focus on his own immediate need rather than the bigger picture of the Kingdom he would proclaim.

The suggested activity on our parish Lenten Calendar for today is to pray for someone whose name is on our parish prayer list. The list is published each week in our parish bulletin; it is printed below for your use today. Choose a name from the list (maybe someone you know, or possibly a stranger) and offer your prayer today for him or her. Like Jesus, this prayer draws us out of ourselves to think about the needs of others. What an excellent exercise for these first days of our Lenten journey of prayer!

Please remember in prayer

Fran Albanese, Anna Akers, Nancy Berringer, John Bisesi, Alice Burkholder, Nicolai Brannon, Debbie Byo, Pauline DeFord, Roberta Dodd, Jude Eberhardt, Diane Floto, Mary Lou Fogle, Dan Gallagher, Elise Gallagher, Evelyn Garver, Tim Greathouse, Gus Hall, Dorothy Hartong, Mary Agnes Hawkins, Geri Heitzenrater, Mary Hudak, Norma Hughes, Beatrice Ickey, Abby Jenson, Mary Jones, Joyce Kaiser, Cathy Kenngott, Marian Kindel, Herbert Kresse, Jennie Laconi, Bill McClellan, Virginia Lindesmith, Patricia Loney, Mark Moorhead, Erin Mullens, Joe Panetta, Iola Paoletti, Leonard Paoletti, Mary Payerle, Herb Penix, Charles Pinder, Betty Pinder, Margie Pischera, Linda Price, Betty Prunesti, Mary Ann Repeta, Mike Rohal, Mary Ellen Reymann, Jay Rummell, Jackie Sallmayer, Grant Sappington, Joe Seiler, Ed Serdinak, Dorothy Serva, Berniece Sibit, Jackie Sines, Murietta Sendelbach, Dan Sladek, Marilyn Spiros, Maria Stewart, Barbara Sweede, Barbara Tonguette, Mary Toki, Sarah Toki, Sandra Walters, and Paul (Anonymous)

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