Music Ministry

Children's Choir


This choir is made up of children in the 3rd through 8th grades. Rehearsals are on Tuesdays at 4:30 PM. The choir sings once a month at the 10:30 Mass.  They also sing on Christmas Eve, Easter Sunday, and other feast days and special occasions. 

Funeral Choir

The Funeral Choir leads the congregation at parish funerals most of which are held on weekday mornings.  There are no regularly scheduled rehearsals.  If you enjoy singing and are available on weekday mornings with just a few days' notice, this choir is for you.


The Cantors of Saint Matthew Parish range in ages from grade 5 to adult. Excellent vocal skilll and confident leadership skills is required.  Trainin gis provided n an individual basis and is ongoing. Cantors are scheduled to sing once or twice a month. Scheduling is flexible depending on each person's availbility.


Anyone who plays a wind, brass or string instrument is invited to participate in the instrumental section of our Music Ministry.  Instrumentalists rehearse with the Adult Choir.  These musicians must be proficient on their instrument. Strong sight reading ability is helpful as well as the ability to be muscially flexible. Instrumentalists are given music in advance and participate as their schedule permits.


Adult Choir

This choir is for anyone in high school through age 110! They sing at the 10:30 Mass each weekend.  They rehearse for approximately 30 miniutes before and immediaely following Mass.  In addition, this choir is callled to sing on christmas eve, Easter Vigil and other feast days and special occasions.  No previous  experience or ability to read music is necesssary, but an enjoyment for  singing and a willingness to  learn is required.